My life and crafting times.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Have you had a good weekend so far?

Well here it is Saturday night and I have not done much in the crafting area. I did make my grand daughter a birthday and I will try to post a picture or two of it. She loves monkeys and so her card was designed with that in mind.

Other than that I have been busy with work and doing some thing around the house. We have started to switch the computer room and our bedroom. We haven't gotten too far yet but it is coming along.

Our roof is close to being ready to have the shingles put on. From what Paul, our contractor, says it should start on Tuesday. I am hoping it will be done if three days maybe four. It was a big job and they are doing a good one at that.

Well that is it for now. Have a great weekend everyone.
Just trying to be crafty

Monday, 16 May 2011

Happy Monday

     A new week for us. We are in the midst of putting a new roof on our house. It is raining and despite the tarps that you can see from miles around (they are a bright blue) we have a bit of water coming through. The contractor has been here this morning and did some work but when it started to rain once again. He called it quits until the weather looks better. Now we have the wind getting stronger again which has caused some havoc on the tarps. This weekend I called the contractor twice to tack down the tarps. I can't wait until we have the shingles on again.
      So because of the rain and a bit of dripping in the house I am not setting up my Cricut (which hopefully this summer I will have my craft area set up) to make a birthday card for my grand daughter. I do have some plans for this card. She is into a monkey that is new to me. It should be fun. Keep posted to see what I have come up with.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Joanne just trying to be creative

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mother's Day Card

Although I have not created this card I thought I would share it. I didn't keep all the measurements and so would be hard to tell you how I made this one. It was a lot of fun. Thank you Darlene for showing me how to make this one.

My first day with a blog

Hello world of being creative. My name is Joanne. I am the proud mother of 5 beautiful ladies and three great and wonderful grand daughters. I do a bit of work with a friend coincidentally named Joanne as well. I file and input data entry for her.
While I am at home I love to do all kinds of things. I have been a belly dancer (Middle Eastern Dancing), cross stitch, gardening and my most recent is scrap booking with card making as the newest part of paper crafting.
I hope that I can inspire some but more importantly I hope to get inspired by so many of you ladies (and some gentlemen) with their creative works of art.

 Have a wonderful day.